An Analysis Of The Standard Research Paper Structure

Writing is easy, but following a certain guideline, especially for an academic paper can be a bit difficult. However, there is useful information about how to construct a standard research paper. All you have to do is to have an idea for a topic and to follow the given structure from your university.

Almost every thesis has the same structure, so here are some of the main bullet points that you should pay attention to:

  • The general style of the research thesis structure. Here you need to pay attention to make the paper readable for all readers that will get in touch with it. What is the most important here?
    • Type using a 12 point standard font in Helvetica, Times, Geneva, etc.
    • Use double space with 1-inch margins
    • Number all pages
    • Every new section should start on a new page
    • Avoid mistakes
    • Use paragraphs to separate each thought and main point
    • Indent the first line of each paragraph
    • Use bullet points in logical order
    • Use present tense
    • Use past tense when you explain a specific result
    • Avoid use of superfluous pictures
  • Title page. This is the first page where you are giving an introduction to the readers of what they will read in the next pages. Make sure that you will focus more on:
    • Abstract – the summer should have around two hundred words
    • General Intent – a short paragraph of the general approach to the problem/topic, pertinent results, conclusion, and results.
  • Introduction page. Here you are giving an overview of the topic that you have chosen, and this should be not more than two pages, double-spaced typed. Also, there are some points here that you need to follow such as:
    • General Intent – where you are keeping the attention of the readers with a rational explanation about the given topic, place your work in a theoretical context and make the readers understand your objectives.
    • Describe the importance of the paper
    • Defend the model
    • A brief explanation of all your objectives about the topic
  • Material and methods. The key concept of these several pages is to give a good order to all material and methods that you have used for this topic. Try to use clear thoughts and facts. Do not explain step by step everything that you have done during the research process, just pay attention to the main things that readers should pay attention to.
  • Results. This is the page of your assignment where you need to present your findings of the given topic. Be clear as much as possible.
  • Discussion. In this section, all you have to do is to use evidence to explain your study and to describe all your findings and thoughts.

By following this guideline for a standard assignment structure, you will create a great and useful assignment.

Get help when you need it.

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