How To Cite Sources In A Library Science Research Paper In The APA Format

Writing a paper for library science will require you to cite your sources properly. If you haven’t done a project in APA format before, you will need to know the basics of how to format things the right way. Correct citations will get you a better mark and help you to know what to do for the next essay you are assigned in the future. APA style is used because it helps you organize your content, and prepare a work for publication in journals for some fields. When making your references page, you should follow the below tips for citing and listing your sources used. There are different requirements for in-text quotes, short versus long citations, and paraphrasing someone else’s work.

How to cite sources for a library science APA research project

  • Every line except for the first one should be indented by half an inch from the margin on the left side
  • Always put the last name first for author names, then their initials
  • Alphabetize your list of references by author’s last names If there are multiple sources from a single author, order them chronologically from oldest to newest
  • List the full title for journal names and always use the same capitalization and punctuation as is on the journal itself
  • Use italics only for long names of books or journals. Shorter works should not have any italics, underline or quotes around the title, such as a single journal article or essay in a collection

Citing in-text sources APA style

  • Only use the author’s last name and the year of publication in brackets for citing something within the text of your work
  • Always use proper capitalization for author initials and names
  • The titles of longer works need to be italicized or underlined
  • Put quotes around titles of short works
  • Directly quoting a short section requires you to use quotation marks, introduce the quote with the author’s last name and year of publication, and then reference the page number in brackets after the quotation
  • If your quote is 40 words or longer, do not use quotation marks, start on a new line half an inch from the left margin, and use double spacing, as well as including the author’s name and date of publication in brackets
  • Summarizing or paraphrasing a text requires you only to make reference to the author’s name and date of publication

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