Step-By-Step Tutorial On Writing A Research Paper About The History Of Accounting

Accounting is a bland subject by itself and so it makes sense that the history of accounting would not win any awards for most interesting topic of all time. This is due to the fact that most of it involves facts and figures. However, it is up to you to create a wonderful research paper with a fresh and unique tone that portrays the history of accounting in a more popular light and adds a touch of refinement to the proceedings.

Creating a timeline

  • The first step towards creating a good paper is to form a timeline, extending all the way from the beginning till the modern times.
  • You need to explore how the concept of Accounting came into being and how it has adapted and changed with the course of time to become one of the most rewarding workplace jobs.
  • Infuse the timeline with interesting occurrences and major milestones which shaped the subject into what it is now.

Early Ages

Believe it or not, accounting may be considered one of the oldest professions. In fact, the history of this topic stretches all the way to prehistoric times when families needed to account for clothing and food. The first currency record started with tokens in the form of specific commodities which people needed for daily living. Evidences of accounting may be found in the Babylonian Empire and in Egypt. Slowly, the system of keeping records was essential for governments to maintain a social order.

Middle Ages

It was during the Renaissance period that Fra Luca Pacioli, known as “The Father of Accounting”, expressed his concepts on the subject. He showed just how Accounting could be to the world and his book “Summa de Arithmetica Gemetria Porportionalita” had a whole chapter dedicated to Double-Entry Accounting. His system included the majority of modern accounting practices like the use of ledgers, journals and memorandums and he also proposed a trial balance for proving a balance ledger as well as year-end, closing entries. His ideas made banking more reliable and improved commerce and trade.

Modern Period

Your research should cover the rise of Scotland as the world’s leader in Accounting in the 1800s. The term Chartered Accountant was first used here. New York was the first to pass the certified Public Accountant Law, however, in 1896. By the year 1912, the USA had 33 states with CPA laws in place and by 1921, all fifty states were included. Modern Accounting relies on computers and this wonderful journey should form the basis of your paper.

Get help when you need it.

You want your paper to look like you know what you are doing, so when you get in trouble, ask someone for help. Most schools have writing labs or tutors who are available to help on difficult projects like this. Your instructor should be more than willing to help you through a difficult portion whether online or in person. Do not ever think you are pestering your instructor because they get paid to help you learn and succeed.

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