20 Interesting Ideas You Can Use As Philosophy Research Paper Topics

Are you taking a course in philosophy but you do not know how to write your research paper? There are so many options out there that can guide you. You will of course need professional assistance to get you through. If there is one thing a lot of people can attest to, it is the fact that philosophy does affect different people in different ways. Everyone has their own perspective of looking at things, which means that it would be awesome for you to figure this out. Even in life, you will come across different people who have different views of the same thing, people whose views on one concept are unique. This is what philosophy is all about, and we must accommodate one another. The following are some brilliant ideas that you can present for your topics, which will come in handy for sure:

  1. Discuss the history of philosophy
  2. What is the value that philosophy has to the rational human being?
  3. Discuss the philosophy of Hegel, highlighting the absolute and the dialect, and how these are important in application today.
  4. Highlight the importance of the philosophy of ethics
  5. Discuss how the philosophy of Marx and Engels is applicable in society today
  6. Explain the relevance of transhumanist philosophy from a cautionary analytical perspective
  7. Discuss the concepts that were advanced by John Locke
  8. Explain the school of thought in philosophy as proposed by Montesquieu
  9. Compare and contrast idealism and educational philosophy
  10. Discuss the impact that Socrates had on philosophy in the world today
  11. Discuss the following terms from a philosophical point of view, citing relevant works that have been done on the same case: epistemology, ethics and metaphysics
  12. Discuss how natural philosophy broke away from religion
  13. Explain the concept of personal identity from a philosophy point of view
  14. Study and critically explain the six meditations of first philosophy
  15. Discuss Plato’s concept of education
  16. Explain the concept of existentialism
  17. Discuss what unifying philosophy is all about, basing your work on the studies proposed by Emerson
  18. Critique the inclusion of philosophy in your coursework as part and parcel of the curriculum
  19. Discuss the relevant role that philosophy plays in the normal day activities
  20. Explain the importance of ethics and morality in the study of philosophy.

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