Points To Include In Your Research Paper About Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is one of the most shocking and painful problems of the modern society. It requires deep studying in order to find the effective ways of preventing it. Working on a research paper, it’s better to focus on a narrow issue. However, there are some important points that should be mentioned anyway in order to compose an effective work.

Key Ideas to Highlight in Your Research on Human Trafficking

  • A brief background.
  • Provide your readers with a short definition of the term and show how it’s connected with social, political, economic, and psychological problems.

  • Main purposes of human trafficking.
  • There are many fields related to human trafficking to base your research on – forced labor, prostitution, children labor, organ trafficking etc. Choose the one that seems the most interesting and important for you.

  • Risk groups.
  • Women and children fall under the highest risk level when it comes to human trafficking. You can study in your paper the reasons why it happens so.

  • Relevant laws.
  • Give a brief review of the US and international legislation related to this problem. You can also evaluate its effectiveness and support your statements with some reliable statistical data.

  • Ways of fighting.
  • Suggest new possible ways of coping with the problem of human trafficking or the ways of improving the existing ones.

  • An impact on victims and methods of rehabilitation.
  • One more interesting field of study on this topic is victims’ rehabilitation which will make you deal with psychological aspects of the situation.

Useful Tips on Composing an Effective Paper

  • Use only credible sources of data.
  • Double check the reliability of all the data you are planning to present in your work. Any doubtful information significantly lowers your chances to succeed.

  • Build a powerful paper structure.
  • A good structure is a backbone of your work that makes it readable. By developing your thoughts gradually you will make your key insights and conclusions quite clear to your audience.

  • Don’t include any irrelevant information.
  • Stay strict with yourself regarding this. If you find some interesting facts that are, however, out of the topic, don’t use them. Such information may blur the limits of your issue and make it vague what you intend to say.

  • Pay keen attention to your writing style.
  • An appropriate writing style is another tool to ensure the high quality of your paper. Stay objective, avoid excessive emotions and adhere to a formal manner of expressing your thoughts. Pay additional attention to proper logical connections between the parts of your work.

Get help when you need it.

You want your paper to look like you know what you are doing, so when you get in trouble, ask someone for help. Most schools have writing labs or tutors who are available to help on difficult projects like this. Your instructor should be more than willing to help you through a difficult portion whether online or in person. Do not ever think you are pestering your instructor because they get paid to help you learn and succeed.

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