20 Examples Of Great Research Paper Topics On Autism

A major problem that beginning writers face when choosing a topic for a research paper is that they think too broadly. Although this is good while brainstorming, when it comes time to choose the final topic of the paper, it is important that you choose a narrowly-focused subject that you can really dig deeply into. A good research paper will make an argument in answer to a specific question/hypothesis.

Here are 20 examples of excellent research paper topics relating to the subject of autism!

  • Autism awareness movements and their effectiveness (or lack thereof) in educating the general public about autism
  • The “autism epidemic” – is autism a growing concern in our world today? Or is it just media hype?
  • Various methods of treating autism: discuss differences in efficacy and popularity
  • Cultural differences in recognizing and treating autism. Is autism more prevalent in certain cultures, or simply more recognized/diagnosed in certain cultures? Why?
  • The common pop-culture representation of autistic people as super-geniuses – is this representation valid or not?
  • What does it mean to be “on the autism spectrum”? What makes some autistic people more “high functioning” than others?
  • The history of how autism has been diagnosed and treated throughout the years – discuss how treatments have already improved and where there is room for further improvement.
  • What is the difference between general social ineptitude and an actual autism disorder?
  • Celebrities or historical figures with autism: Can you be traditionally successful if you have an autism disorder?
  • What are the differences between an autistic person’s brain and that of someone without autism?
  • Ethical considerations in the treatment of autism
  • Music therapy in treating autism
  • Links between creativity and autism spectrum disorders
  • Why are males with autism at a higher rate than females?
  • At what age is autism usually diagnosed? Are children born with autism, or does it develop later in life?
  • Education of autistic children – discuss the ideal classroom setting for autistic children, the pros and cons of current educational trends relating to autism, etc.
  • How is autism similar/different to other mental disorders?
  • Physiological characteristics and effects of autism – explore the link between brain functions and body functions
  • Autism and language development – why do autistic children frequently struggle with learning how to communicate through speech and language?
  • Emotional development in autistic children – do people with autism experience emotion differently than others, or do they simply lack the traditional ways of expressing those emotions?

Good luck with your research paper!

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