A Review Of 10 Most Extraordinary Research Paper Topics On Utopia


If you’re a Ph.D. student, then undoubtedly you'll have to write a paper on a specific topic. Now, it is important that your topic and paper is of the highest standards because your grade depends on it.

We have seen that where most people struggle is on picking a topic to write on; they either select a topic which is too clichéd, or they choose a topic on which gathering data and material are very difficult. However, today I'm going to tell you exactly 10 of the most extraordinary research paper topics on utopia. Utopia is a mythical society where everything is in perfect order, and it has no flaws. So if you're writing on utopia, you shall have a look at te following topics if you want to write an extraordinary research paper.

Basis of Utopia:

The first topic where you look and peak inside the writer Thomas Moore and find out what compelled him to write Utopia and what is the actual background behind it.

  1. Capitalism and Utopia:
  2. You can tell how capitalism has its roots in Utopia where there is a firm belief in an Egalitarian society.

  3. Utopia and Science and Technology:
  4. One of the most interesting topics is to look at how Utopianism resulted in advancements in science and technology and groundbreaking inventions that altered the course of history

  5. Utopia and Feminism:
  6. Write on how Utopia influenced Edward Bellamy to write his book that can be contributed to rising of Feminism after world war 2.

  7. States Modeled on Utopia:
  8. Conduct your due diligence and look at those states which were formed by a near-perfect society like Carolina.

  9. Imperfections of a Utopian Society:
  10. Have a look and write your research on the imperfections and flaws that result in a Utopian society.

  11. Role of Education in Thomas Moores Utopia
  12. Hitler, Nazism, and Utopia
  13. Possibility and Practicality of Utopia
  14. Das Kapital the result of Utopia
  15. Twentieth-Century Utopia


In the end, I will conclude by saying that the topics mentioned above are some of the best and interesting topics to write on if you’re going to base your research on Utopia or a Utopian society. It is a guarantee that selection of these topics will result in a strong paper that shall leave a long lasting mark on the readers.

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